Great Yarmouth 1950s photos by Jack Harrison (born 1938)
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Yarmouth was heavily bombed in World War 2.  It took many years to clear up the damage

Yarmouth was heavily bombed in World War 2, probably because of the naval base.  Of course many attacks were off target.
Many buildings in the mid 1950s remained just as they were after the raids in the early 1940s.
Immediate right above shows one of the famous Yarmouth Rows (near  Howard Street)
But some new eyesores were being built by the mid 1950s.  Above left is near the Market Place (I can still smell the vinegar from the fish and chips!).
The Carnegie Library below right remains a mystery.  It was located somewhere in the town centre, but I have been unable to pinpoint its location.
     Been advised by Colin Cockle that it was in Middlegate.  Thanks.
(I simply can't recall where I took the picture) with internet searches also drawing a blank.


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