Great Yarmouth 1950s photos by Jack Harrison (born 1938)
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Many of the the factories were on the east side of the river and  the workers would cross by ferry from the residential area to the west of the river.
For may years, a simply rowing boat was used  - amazingly tough work for the boatman.  Then in 1954, a motor ferry was introduced.
Workers would cycle to the ferry, leave their bikes and go to work.  Note the COMPLETE lack of any bicycle locks in 1954.

1954-Ferry RowingFerry Motor
1954-Ferry(bikes)Ferry Motor

There were two ferries, this sign was in Southtown.  Buses were still sometimes referred to as "cars"  (streetcars = trams?)

1954-Ferry(bikes)Roads&Transport/C-1956-Road-09.jpgfirst ever car park centre of town

The boundary sign is a little mystery to me - I cannot recall exactly where it was but most likely at the junction of Southtown and Boundary Roads.
     Thanks again to Colin Cockle for advising me that  it was at High St / High Rd oppersite the look out
The first public car park (region of Howard Street/Yarmouth Way) was opened in 1956.  Parking was free!
Immediately below is Gorleston Trafalgar Road East.  The prominent tower remains to this day.
The chimney is part of the old oil fired power station on the Yarmouth side of the river at South Denes.

Gorleston-Trafalagar Road EastGorleston-Trafalagar Road East
Haven BridgeBreydon Bridge

The only road crossing in the 1950s was the Haven Bridge.   The Breydon Swing Bridge had allowed railway traffic but was closed in 1953 and finally dismantled nine years later.  It has been replaced by another road crossing (A12)
Petrol was in short supply following the Suez crisis of 1956 (Norfolk Motor Services opposite Bollard Quay) .  But road works continued - South Quay below

1956-NorfolkMotorsGarage1955-Road Works South Quay

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