Great Yarmouth 1950s photos by Jack Harrison (born 1938)
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Great Yarmouth was difficult to get in and out of in the 1950s.  The situation had hardly improved 50 years later.
The top row shows a large piece of equipment (labelled Metropolitian Vickers - ship's boiler perhaps?) arriving via the A47 bridge over the river Bure.
The chaos at the Haven Bridge (below) was an empty trailer that, presumably had delivered some large load earlier.

Large LoadLarge Load
Large LoadLarge Load
Large LoadLarge Load
Railway into townRailway into town
Railway South QuayRailway beside Bure
1954-Vauxhall Station1954-Southtown Station

Rail access into the town was good.  The wagons above are wasting to enter from the stretch of line next to the A47 (Acle New Road).
Lines continued along the quayside and would be useful today.  On the right is a stretch near the Bure near the "White Swan" pub.
Yarmouth had two passenger terminals.  Yarmouth Vauxhall (plain Yarmouth) remains today but Southtown has long since gone.

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