Butterflies - Blues photos by Jack Harrison
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Common Blue Common Blue Common BlueCommon BlueCommon Blue
Above - Common Blue (females have the orange half moons)
Holly BlueHolly BlueHolly BlueHolly BlueHolly Blue
Above - Holly Blue (females have the dark wing borders)
Brown ArgusBrown ArgusBrown ArgusBrown ArgusBrown Argus
Above - Brown Argus is a member of the blue family: compare undersides with otehr "blues"
Chalkhill Blue Chalkhill Blue Chalkhill BlueChalkhill BlueChalkhill Blue
Above - Chalk-hill Blue (females are brown)
Above - Chalk-hill Blue (females are mainlly brown)
Small BlueSmall BlueSmall BlueSmall BlueSmall Blue
Above - Small Blue (males and females similar)
Silver-studded BlueSilver-studded BlueSilver-studded BlueSilver-studded BlueSilver-studded Blue
Above - Silver-studded Blue (females are brown)
Large BlueLarge BlueLarge BlueLarge BlueLarge Blue
Above - Large Blue (males and females similar)