Moths 2009 April & May  photos by Jack Harrison

Garden unless indicated otherwise.
 Great Chishill, south Cambridgeshire with nearby calcareous grassland
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Common Quaker 4 April 2009Hebrew Character 1 April 2009Early Grey 7 April 2009
Common Quaker 7th AprilHebrew Character 1st AprilEarly Grey 7th April
Nut Tree Tussock 7 April 2009 Common Heath 23 April 2009Common Heath 23 April 2009
Nut Tree Tussock 7th AprilCommon Heath 23rd April (Grassland Cambridgeshire)
Muslin Moth 3 May 2009
Small Phoenix 30 April 2009Chocolate Tip 30 April
Muslin Moth male 3rd MaySmall Phoenix 30th AprilChocolate Tip 30th April
Elephant Hawk Moth 29 May 2009 Elephant Hawk Moth 29 May 2009Clouded Silver 28 May 2009
Large Elephant Hawk Moth 29th MayLarge Elephant Hawk Moth 3rd MayClouded Silver 28th May (Norfolk)
Pale Tussock 5 May 2009Pale Tussock 5 May 2009(Lesser) Swallow Prominent 5 May 2009
Pale Tussock 5th May Lesser Swallow Prominent 5th May
Burnet Companion 31 May 2009Burnet Companion 31 May 2009I have been "into" butterflies since 1945!

2009 is my first attempt with moths.  

It's been a very steep learning curve.

Burnet Companion 31st May (Cambridgeshire grassland)