Moths 2009 June  photos by Jack Harrison

Garden unless indicated otherwise.
 Great Chishill, south Cambridgeshire with nearby calcareous grassland
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White Ermine 3rd June 2009White Ermine 3rd June 2009Buff Ermine 5th June 2009
White Ermine 3rd JuneBuff Ermine 5th June
Silver Y 6 June 2009Peppered Moth 9 June 2009Unknown 5 June  2009
Silver Y 6th JunePeppered Moth 9th JuneMarbled Minor 5th June
not-known 14 June 2009Treble Lines 5 June 2009Treble Lines 5 June 2009
Fan Foot 14th JuneTreble Lines 5th June
Carpet 14 June 2009unknown (Swift perhaps) 18 June 2009Common Swift 8 June 2009
Large Twin-spot Carpet 15th JuneCommon Swift 8th June
Privet Hawk 20 JunePrivet Hawk Moth 9 June 2009not-known 15 June 2009
Privet Hawk Moth 20th JunePrivet Hawk Moth 9th JuneWhite Ermine female 15th June
Silver Ground Carpet 18 June 2009Silver Ground Carpet 18 June 2009Dot Moth 15 June 2009
Silver Ground Carpet 18th JuneDot Moth 15th June
not-known 14 June 200920 JuneBuff Tip 25 June
Sycamore 14th JuneWillow Beauty 20th JuneBuff Tip 25 June
Common Marbled Carpet 24 JuneFlame Shouldeer 20 June
not-known 15 June 2009
Common Marbled Carpet 25th JuneFlame Shoulder 20 June
Thistle Ermine 16th June
White Plume Moth 21 June
Riband Wave 29 JuneCommon Footman 30 June
White Plume Moth 21st June (Cambridgeshire)
Riband Wave 29th JuneCommon Footman 29th June
Swallowtailed Moth 30 June
Brimstone Moth 1 JulySycamore Moth 30 June
Swallowtailed Moth 30th June
Brimstone Moth 1st July
Sycamore 30th June