Moths 2009 July (first half) photos by Jack Harrison

Garden unless indicated otherwise.
 Great Chishill, south Cambridgeshire with nearby calcareous grassland
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unknown 30 JuneGhost Moth 1 JulyCommon Wainscot 5 July
Willow Beauty 30th JuneGhost Moth female 1st JulyCommon Wainscot 5th July
Large Yellow Underwing 1 JulySix Spot Burnet 1 JulyPoplar Hawk Moth 2 July
Large Yellow Underwing 1st July Narrow bordered 5 Sp Burnet (grassland)Poplar Hawk 2nd July
unknown 2 Julyunknown 3 Julyunknown 3 July
Mottled Beauty (?) 2nd July Dagger species (Grey or Dark) 3rd JulyBrown-line Bright-eye 3rd July
Clouded Border 13 JulyCommon White Wave 4 JulyScalloped Oak 3 July
Clouded Border 13th JulyCommon White Wave 4th JulyScalloped Oak 3rd July
Common Emerald 3 July BeautifulHookTip 4 JulyYellow Tail 4 July
Common Emerald 3rd JulyBeautiful Hook-tip 4th JulyYellow-tail 4th July
Clouded Silver 5 JulyBurnished Brass 5 JulyDrinker 5 July
Clouded Silver 5th JulyBurnished Brass 5th JulyDrinker 5th July
Royal Mantle 7 JulyThe Flame 6 JulyV-pug 7 July
Royal Mantle 7th JulyThe Flame 6th JulyV-pug 7th July
White Satin Moth 13 JulyLeast Carpet 13 JulySmall Emerald 13 July
White Satin (?) 13th JulyLeast Carpet 13th JulySmall Emerald 13th July
Swallowtailed Moth 13 JulyChinese Character 14 July
Dun-Bar 13 July
Swallowtailed Moth 13th JulyChinese Character 14th July
Dun-Bar 13th July
Satin Wave 14 July
unknown 14 JulyDusky Sallow 14 July
Dwarf Cream Wave 14th JulyRiband Wave 14th JulyDusky Sallow 14th July
unknown 15 JulySmall Magpie 15 JulyBuff Arches 15 July
Spectacle 15th JulySmall Magpie 15th JulyBuff Arches 15th July
Sycamore 15 Julyunknown 15 JulyBuff Arches 15 July
Sycamore 15th JulyCommon Rustic 15th JulyBuff Arches 15th July