Moths 2009 mid July to mid August photos by Jack Harrison
Garden unless indicated otherwise.  Great Chishill, south Cambridgeshire with nearby calcareous grassland
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Brimstone Moth 15 JulyBrimstone Moth 15 JulyPeppered Moth 15 July
Brimstone Moth 15th July
Peppered Moth 15th July
Poplar Hawk 20 JulyLarge Yellow Underwing 19 JulyDusky Sallow 20 July
Poplar Hawk Moth 20the JulyLarge Yellow Underwing 19th JulyDusky Sallow 20th July (daytime - grassland)
Common Wainscot 22 JulyMarbled or Green Beauty 22 JulyEarly Thorn 22 July
Common Wainscot (?) 22nd JulyMarbled Beauty 22nd JulyEarly Thorn 22nd July
Black Arches 23 JulyRuby Tiger 24 JulyRuby Tiger 23 July
Black Arches 23rd JulyRuby Tiger 23rd JulyRuby Tiger 23rd July
Willow Beauty 25 JulyMagpie 23 JulyShaded Broad Bar 23 July
Willow Beauty 25th JulyMagpie 23rd JulyShaded Broad Bar 23rd July (grassland)
Six Spot Burnet 31 JulySilver Y 29 JulyLarge Yellow Underwing 31 July
Six Spot Burnet (grassland) 31st JulySilver Y 29th July (grassland)Large Yellow Underwing  31st July
BrBorderedYellUwingRiband Wave 26 JulyRiband Wave 26 July
Broad Bordered Yellow U/wing 24th JulyRiband Wave 26th July showing two colour forms
Least Carpet 26 JulyPale Prominent 27 JulyLess Brd Bd Yell u-wing 5 Aug
Least Carpet 26th JulyPale Prominent 27th JulyLesser Broad-bordered Yell u/wing 5th Aug
Willow Beauty 3 AugNut Tree Tussock 3 Augnot yet i/d 5 Aug
Willow Beauty 3rd AugustNut Tree Tussock 3rd AugustStraw Underwing 5th August
not yet i/d 5 Augnot yet i/d 5 AugLime-speck Pug 8 Aug
Setaceous Hebrew Character  5th AugustDark Arches (worn) 5th AugustLime-speck Pug 8th August
9 AugCopper Underwing sp 9 AugCopper Underwing sp 9 Aug
Lesser Yellow Underwing 9th AugustCopper Underwing (poss Svennson's Copper Underwing) 9th August
11 AugSmall Waved Umber 10 Aug11 Aug
Brown China Mark (micro) 11th AugustSmall Waved Umber 10th AugustGold Triangle (micro) 11th  August (above & below)
Lesser Swallow Prominent 11 AugLesser Swallow Prominent 11 Aug11 Aug
Lesser Swallow Prominent 11th AugustGold Triangle alt resting posture