Moths 2009 mid August to October photos by Jack Harrison
Garden unless indicated otherwise.  Great Chishill, south Cambridgeshire with nearby calcareous grassland
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Orange Swift 13 AugRiband Wave 13 AugFlame Shoulder 13 Aug
Orange Swift 13th AugustRiband Wave 13th August Flame Shoulder 13th  August
16 AugBurnet 13 Aug15 Aug
prob Common Rustic16th August5-spot (narrow brd?) Burnet 13 August (Holme)Straw Underwing 15th  August
Pug 15 Aug15 Aug15 Aug
Pug spp ? 15th AugustStraw Dot 15th AugustLesser Swallow Prominent 15 August
15 Aug15 AugLarge Yellow Underwing 17 Aug
Spectacle Moth 15th AugustLarge Yellow Underwing 17th August
Brimstone Moth 20 AugMarbled Beauty 20 Aug
17 Aug
Brimstone Moth 20th AugustMarbled Beauty 20th AugustCopper (or Svenssens Copper) Underwing 17 Aug
Mother-of-Pearl-20 AugGarden Pebble 20 AugGarden Pebble 20 Aug
Mother-of-Pearl 20th  August (micro)Garden Pebble. 20th August  (micro)
Green Carpet 21 AugGreen Carpet 23 AugOrange Swift 21 Aug
Green Carpet 21st August & 23rd AugustOrange Swift dark female 21st August
Treble-bar 25 AugAngle Shades 23 Aug25 Aug
Treble-bar (grassland) 25th AugAngle Shades 23rd AugustSquare-spot Rustic 25th August
Poss-CommonRustic 16 SepPoss-CommonRustic 22 SepBlackRustic 20 Sep
Lunar Underwing 16th SeptemberLunar Underwing 22nd SeptemberBlack Rustic 20th September
22nd October22nd October22nd October
Green-brindled Crescent 22nd OctoberGrey Pine Carpet 22nd OctoberBeaded Chestnut 22nd October
28 October28 October
Barred Sallow 28th OctoberFeathered Thorn 28th October