Webcam images on one page
It is useful to get an overall impression of the cloud cover around the country.  Satellite images have distinct limitations.
I have made a page for my own use only - I dare not publish as I might be breaching copyright by diorectly publishing other people's pictures.
The computer experts will have no problems making a similar page for personal use - more details at the bottom
spacerThe pictures shown here are demos only and they are not taken from real webcams
location 1
location 2
location 3
location 4

location 5
location 6
location 7
location 8

In the real case, these images are linked to the url of the appropriate webcam
spacerIt is essential to leave the image "in its original location"
spacerIn this way, "refresh" will update to show the most recent webcam images
On this demo,all images have been resized to be the same at 180 x 135 pixels.   On my own page, they are slightly bigger.
Original sizes vary, but are usually a 4 x 3 format.  It isn't essential to resize, but it makes for a neater appearance
spacerMy own page has 36 webcam images representative of the whole country